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“I have been working with Jess for almost a year. Her support on my healing journey has expanded and accelerated my progress in a safe container for me to do my work. The life coaching, reiki, tarot readings, and simply Jess’s light have been what I’ve been missing after just traditional mental health therapy for ten years. After my divorce and moving on my own for the first time, this has helped me in a holistic way to make progress in examining my limiting beliefs, building my strength and independence, and releasing what no longer serves me. I have been encouraged to follow my higher self and discern using my inner guidance. I have just started peeling back the layers and stepping into my power, but I am making progress and I feel like I am actually living again. I have been able to choose when sessions serve me best instead of following a strict protocol. I have ownership over my healing pace.Jess has supported my journey of coming home to myself and trusting I will be guided into the unknown future.” -MC
"Jess helped me more than I could have ever expected! I was quite skeptical of reiki and life coaching but after listening to Jess explain some of her practices it made so much more sense. Jess is extremely knowledgeable in her field and communicates in a way that really facilitates mental growth. I went to Jess after being diagnosed with anxiety during a very hard time in my life. I thought I knew how to handle my anxiety but Jess taught me tools I didn’t know. Those tools greatly improved the way I handle my anxiety and stress. And helped me see my anxiety in a different light. I strongly recommend scheduling a visit with Jess to improve your quality of life from within." -Mattie W.
"I am someone who struggles with anxiety and effects of past trauma. I decided to check into Reiki to see if it could help. Jessica explained everything to me and helped me work through and apply tools to make my experience effective. At my very first session I noticed a sense of relief and where some of my energy blocks were coming from. It really opened my eyes and she was able to identify where my blocks were and helped me begin to work through them. Reiki has made a big difference for me, and I always look forward to my next session. Jessica is very intuitive, perceptive, and provides a safe and open space to share and talk things through. I highly recommend going to Jessica for her services!!" -Sara C.
"For many years I have been dealing with several chronic health issues and traditional medicine and therapy just never really worked for me. I finally moved to an area where I was able to locate a Holistic Wellness office that really felt right for me. My new wonderful Naturopathic practitioner referred me to Jessica and I am so grateful she did! Jessica is so talented and educated in so many areas. Every visit I have with her I find several more reasons to be grateful for her. She doesn't tell you what you have to do to heal, she gives you the tools to work through your healing by sharing her knowledge as well as her past openly and honestly. One of the biggest lessons she has taught me was that we all have the energy inside to heal. Once you can find that energy so many beautiful opportunities will come in for healing, growth and love. The way she connects with you is as if you had known eachother your entire lives. Her caring nature makes you feel comfortable to share anything and feel no judgment. Jessica's Reiki sessions are so calming and welcoming! The best way I can describe it is like the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from someone you love and care for deeply. Her Reiki sessions have made such a positive impact on my life that I will soon be attending her Reiki classes. Jessica's card readings are spot on and when she puts it all together you leave knowing things will get better. Oh and if you are Stevie Nicks fan I highly suggest you listen to her music!" - B.P.
"I was referred to Jess by a very good friend. Not knowing anything about Reiki and knowing what to expect. I found myself enlightened and on my own journey of wanting to become a Reiki master. After a year of therapy I wanted to continue my healing on a deeper level. Understanding things better, learning to love myself better so that I can apply that love not only to myself but in everyday life with everyone. We live in a very busy world that can be chaotic and down right difficult at times. Meeting and getting to know Jess has impacted me in a positive way of life. I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. Jess made me feel comfortable, heard, not judged and accepted for me. She’s a kind open hearted person who is well read and educated on many facets of life. I’ve had such a positive experience with her that my Daughter sees Jess now and always tells me how she looks forward to her appointments with Jess. I recommend to anyone and everyone who wants to experience a less stress, more peaceful lifestyle to book an appointment." - N.Caflisch
"Life is a journey and can be challenging at times. Jessica provided the spiritual guidance I needed in a positive, encouraging, and motivating way that allowed an undeniable transformation of myself.  Jessica’s own life experiences lets her relate easily to the trials and thoughts I was questioning. Jessica is highly educated in so many areas that I am amazed at her knowledge.  She had a gentle manner of presenting information that I could incorporate into my life that helped restore peace and harmony.
 She helped me heal old wounds and taught me new patterns that created new pathways for an optimistic approach to all different situations.  In a year of coaching with Jessica, I improved my life in ways that years of traditional counseling could not do.  I am able to use my own intuitions and inner knowing  and have learned to be observant of what the spiritual world is trying to communicate to me. 
 My spiritual journey even led me to become certified in Reiki 1 and 2 by Jessica. She is a teacher that is non-judging, compassionate, humble, authentic, and provides insight with the experiences you have in front of you, and then directs you to possibilities. She was always prepared for whatever scenario I presented to her.  She has a personality that is even keel and is always calm, balanced, and proceeded at my pace.  Each session was worthwhile as my questions were answered and resources given to learn more.  I was given support to think in new ways and she gave me self empowering tools to heal myself!  
I now have a new outlook on life and am not weighed down with the old stagnate energy but with increased free flowing energy and feel unstoppable with whatever direction the spiritual world takes me." - Jen A.
"Jessica is absolutely amazing! She is a wonderful person, super easy to talk to, and gives the best hugs After years of dealing with different traumas and stressors, the western medicine approach only left me feeling more isolated and frustrated. As a healthcare worker, Reiki was never something that I had considered - until I started reading the benefits of reiki for healing trauma. I am proud to say that Jess showed me what I had been missing for all these years working with Jess over the past few months has been completely transformative. Jess helped me through what were some of the toughest months of my life with grace and strength, something I didn't know would be possible. I have learned so much about myself, my interactions with others, and opened my third eye to a world I never knew existed. Jess is my mentor, my guide, and my friend. She is supportive, kind, caring, and whimsical all in the best of ways. I was so nervous for my first session and she made me feel so comfortable and I immediately felt I finally found someone I could trust. Jess also hosts some really cool events, like camping trips and a recent Zentangle class! Every time I am with Jess I learn something new that enriches my life I look forward to many sessions and adventures with Jess! If you are hesitant to reach out and try reiki (like I was) - take this as a sign to go for it!!! Jess is a beautiful soul having a human experience who would love to help you on your spiritual journey." - C.S.
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