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The Full Story


Welcome to Soulsentials! Let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about my journey and how I ended up as a spiritual coach and reiki master teacher. My name is Jessica, I was a child of a very dysfunctional family and went through many traumas, I was stuck in toxic cycles and I taught myself how to dig my way out. I was a successful hairstylist for 14 years, I loved what I did but always felt I was here for more. During those years I studied self-help, psychology, reiki and life coaching, trying to make sense of my psychic abilities, the abuse I endured and how to heal my inner child. Spirit guided me to start helping others who had been through similar experiences as my own. My start in doing that was my own healing first, when I began studying Reiki and went through my attunements my gifts grew and the people who needed me started showing up. I have been through darkness and never lost my light, actually it only made me shine brighter. I would love to show you how, I am committed to helping those called to me. I can help you with your mental health, emotional health, spiritual journey, and physical goals, building the new manifestations you are ready to create in your life. 


My mission as your coach, teacher, and healer is to help you gather your own tools for healing yourself. This is not therapy. A therapist is like an archeologist and works on digging up the past. I am a coach and am more like an architect and help my clients and students build their future. You are in charge. Along with the divine we will work together to find the results you are looking for! 

"If you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at change"-Dr. Wayne Dyer

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